The Messiness of Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Search: Good for Trump for Keeping it in Limbo!

Not everyone follows President-elect Donald Trump’s Trump Tower-to-the-White House transition. Let’s look at the serialized  melodrama of Secretary of State. High drama (in Trump Tower, no less)!

Trump desires to capture the (collective) heart, forget about the (collective) mind, of the political class whilst turning the eye of the aspirational class. Trump presents the public with the heart of this campaign for Secretary of State, Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007) and former candidate for President of the United States (2012). Popular, statesman-like, with a nod toward pluralist-thought (look at his record on health care as Governor of Mass.) Romney tells it like it is. But more importantly than his track record of speaking out (witness his Salt Lake City speech) Romney’s physical presence radiates statesmanlike decorum and this, more than anything else, is why it is unlikely that Mitt Romney will be the next Secretary of State. (I could be wrong, though.)

Not that Mitt Romney would not be an outstanding choice for the top diplomatic position. Not that Mitt Romney would not exemplify the best of American diplomacy whilst serving in this position. Competency and capability have no bearing in this competition. Should the President-elect choose Mitt Romney over, say, Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, the city of Donald Trump, then the President-elect would send a huge message about open-mindedness, forgiveness, and tolerance.

Still, there is not much indication that open-mindedness, forgiveness, and tolerance is part of the American zeitgeist at this moment. Best to put on your seatbelt. We are in for a long ride.

The alternative

What if what Donald Trump needs a best friend? What if his Secretary of State is another version of himself? Well, then Rudy Giuliani might be that guy. Maybe even uber campaign strategist Kellyanne Conway.

Good for Donald Trump for keeping this Secretary of State search in limbo. Trump likely needs to wrestle with his conscience prior to assuming the office and not whilst serving in the office of President of the United States.

The image of the President-elect sitting down to dinner with Gov. Romney and RNC Chair Reince Priebus speaks. How kind of Priebus to play, what may be surmised as a mediating role. How nice of Trump to invite Romney to share a meal. How brave of Romney to accept this invitation, or how revealing that Romney has the time on his calendar to take a meal with Trump when he could be doing something else, like surfing, or bringing clean water to neighborhoods beset by tainted water lines.

Time heals. Time (and more amicable date-nights/outings?). Yes, heal the wounds. Then get on with the business of diplomacy.

However, in the event that nothing comes of it, my advice to President-elect Trump is to pick a true outsider, someone who is not a “name” and who does not fit preconceived notions, but who has the will and the drive to represent the best of America.

Then, progress may be made. Or, at the very least, America will be different.

Election 2016 | The NME (Neglected Minority Elite) Castigates Majority Elitist Vanguardism, Feels ‘Left in the Wilderness …’

Hello, Urban and Coastal Progressives ~

We really need you to WAKE UP!!!

Stop leaving “woke”minorities in the hinterlands without resources. Stop using the word woke. Because you’re not.

You are on notice, all of you hipsters and  poseurs living without care and concern for the other segment of American society that does not fit your narrative of Other.

Here is some perspective.

West Virginia, a state with five electoral votes, voted for Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump during the primaries. All three presidential candidates visited West Virginia, yet only two garnered popular attention. And when it came time for the Nov. 8th election, the entire state of West Virginia, every county, it appears, went for Donald J. Trump. This, despite the fact that Sen. Sanders asked his base to support Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Where were the hipster, progressives in this Appalachian-edition of this presidential election? Who is responsible for leaving progressive minority Appalachians in the woods — without resources? After a period of cooling off, You must own your neglect and get with the people.

West Virginia, and other “rust belt states,” appear to be having an identity crisis. The progressive left caused this identity crisis through social distancing.

Yes, the highly educated, highly leveraged, hipster-left, with their safety-pin solidarity, owns Trumpism as much as the Republican so-called “alt-right”.

To the progressive left, I say:

  •  Stop shunning women, minorities, and the  minority working class.
  • Own racism.
  • Stop the neglect and maltreatment of women, and LGBTQs.
  • Evolve into a geographically inclusive #strongertogether powerhouse where “different” progressive voices rise.

I now live in West Virginia (near Western Pennsylvania) and have seen first-hand the Left’s great challenge when it comes to capturing the hearts and the minds of potential Democrat voters located in the “rust belt”.

The way forward includes the great Obama coalition merging with the Sandersistas and strengthening ties with like-minded souls living in non-urban communities.

Do this, and maybe, just maybe, the popular vote will matter in the Presidential election.


The (NME)

Neglected Minority Elite

Deep Conversations: When Hillary and Trump Debate Again, Hope They Talk About Gender

America, it’s time to face reality. This 2016 election jumped the shark with the Donald Trump/Billy Bush October Surprise  (Access Hollywood video, 2005). Soon afterthe Hillary Clinton campaign came under scrutiny when Wikileaks revealed a trove of emails from the campaign leaders, plus some of the text of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street. Since it is highly, highly unlikely that the upcoming, and final, Presidential Debate will yield insight into education reform, I propose that many of the questions deal with improving the quality of life for all in the USA, regardless of gender. At least the audience would perhaps glean more insight into these candidates whose public lives have been so carefully constructed.

The questions below reflect my interest in the topics of home labor and housekeeping. One of the pivotal books on this topic is Nickel and Dimed (2001), by Barbara Ehrenreich. I loved using this book in a non-traditional-aged college class I taught at a super cool Midwestern college.

Questions for the candidates:

  • How does your participation in the institution of marriage shape your opinion on equal pay for equal work?
  • If sexual harassment in the workplace is intolerable, how can the workplace be re-imagined as an equalizing force in small communities and in larger society?
  • What percentage of the GDP is derived from housekeeping?
  • How much should traditional homemakers earn for their housework?
  • Do the candidates have any “chores” they routinely do at home and if so, what are they and why do they do them?
  • Assuming that the candidates have paid home staff, what is the average rate they pay their respective staffs?

The Economy of the Future Must Include Singles

Women hit the glass ceiling in academia and in business when their needs are not taken into consideration. What happens when single women are not paid equivalent to men? One guess, the loss of the ability to build a future.

Grit? Forget it. Many are born gritty, but grit will not help when those who make the budgets and disperse checks assume women can be paid less simply because they are female.

So, why do so many politicians make pleas to the “American family” when so many Americans (45% in 2014, according to the U.S. Census Bureau) are single? 
At least one state understands the plight of American singles, Ohio. Ohio celebrates “National Singles Week” the third week in September. More states should do the same. 
Question for Presidential candidates: 
How can singles reap the economic benefits of the middle class when the economy seems geared to the married middle class? 

Colin Kaepernick, and Associates, Kneel to Stand 

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers QB, continues making news through kneeling (he had been sitting) during the national anthem — infuriating some, emboldening others. He states that he continues kneeling in order to take a stand against repression and oppression. Kneeling has various connotations, including courtliness. Could this type of action be read as a form of heraldry?