How do you celebrate? Do you dance? Dancing is not always perfectly choreographed movement. Spontaneous movement, improvisational movement, even walking can be dance. Do not miss an opportunity to move your body because dancing, especially when you combine movement with music, keeps you happy and healthy. Hope you enjoy viewing my video where I dance in my favorite pair of dance shoes, #Vans. (By the way, this is a non-sponsored post, but I can dream.)

Click here to view the video. 

#IAmAnImmigrant: A look at Immigrant Heritage Month in Los Angeles 

A celebration of inclusion brought together co-founders, lawyers, academicians, advocates, actors, mayors, #Dreamers and those protected under President Obama’s Executive Action orders on immigration. 

It’s been wonderful working with this dedicated group. Together, we learned about the impact of decades of immigration reform policy, and other forms of public policy. We got support from VCs and produced events all over LA featuring art, music, dance, and technology.

The theme #IAmAnImmigrant fit with the emphasis on inclusion for the Third Annual Immigrant Heritage Month! 

#DACA #DAPA #Justice #CuluralStudies #Events #ImmigrantHeritageMonth
#IAmAnImmigrant #DACA #DAPA #Justice #CuluralStudies #Event


#Brexit: A No-Brainer Casting a Shadow Over Cultural Politics 

Why should political pundits be surprised that a majority of the UK electorate voted to secede from the EU, last week? Here’s my take: People of voting age in the UK, and around the world, who do not have access to educational courses on politics and economics, who do not desire to read about the history of the UK-EU-relationship, and who cannot form face-to-face relations with like-minded souls, curious about international politics, may lack the will to swim against the tide.

Jubilee! American Hero Harriet Tubman to Grace the $20

Harriet Tubman’s presence on the $20 elevates U.S. society and feminizes bravery. Now a trending topic on Twitter, Harriet Tubman, an American hero, replaces Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, as announced today by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.

Tubman, a former slave who became free in order to free others, symbolically becomes part of our collective daily commerce. Think of all of the boys and girls who will grow up with the name Tubman as part of their cultural lives. This is a giant step toward addressing and repairing the trauma of America’s slave-holding past. Kudos to the U.S. Treasury Department’s bold move.

When can I get my hands on this currency?