Altscholar  is an on-line space for cultural studies enthusiasts, theorists, scholars, and practitioners. We explore the margins and create alternative ways of seeing the world through words and images.

This blog was created March 12, 2010 as a means of conveying news and information about the first student-led and produced cultural studies conference held at Claremont Graduate University. The conference, “Subverting the Margin: Transgressing Boundaries, Displacing Grand Narratives, and Investing in Solidarity,” was held Friday, April 9, 2010 in Room 16 of the Burkle Building,  on the CGU campus.

The conference was a spectacular event due to the fact that a diasporic group of students and faculty associated with the field of cultural studies, as it is practiced at a Los Angeles institution of higher learning, created a conversation based on provocative paper presentations and discussions covering a range of topics related to the Humanities.

What resulted from this well-attended conference was a lasting impression of deep engagement, deep listening, and critical inquiry, a tradition for which CGU is well known.

The members of the CGU Cultural Studies Student Executive Committee organized the conference independently, a huge task, given the burden of heavy course loads, work and teaching responsibilities, and family commitments.

Committee members would like to thank the faculty and staff of the School of Arts and Humanities for their support, particularly Dr. Patricia Easton, Dean Marc Redfield, and staff member Susan Hampson.

Members of the CGU Cultural Studies Student Executive Committee 2009-2010 are:

Tom Connelly

Shayda Kafai

Nancy Quiñones

Gail D. Taylor

Yoshie Udagawa