Hillary Clinton’s Challenging Run for the White House

Hillary Clinton needs to win progressives and Ronald Reagan Republucans. These constituencies may prove challenging. What do they want that Hillary has not already proposed a solution for? Does anybody know?

Hillary Clinton, a politician the world has known for decades, gave what might have been the speech of her career this past Thursday, July 28, 2016, at the DNC in Philadelphia. 

What was different, was the degree to which she allowed the audience insight into her motivation for running for the highest office. She talked about her Mom who encouraged her to stick up for herself. Her Dad, a self-made businessman. Basically, we learned that Hillary is a human being with a family life and a faith-based worldview.

Hillary Clinton’s poised, eloquent delivery, not unlike that of her daughter, Chelsea who introduced her, seemed to charm — and at the same time rattle — the audience. Mostly there were cheers,  progressives also jeered at some of her centrist positions.

If progressives, and Ronald Reagan-conservatives, remain cool to Hillary Clinton, it may be fair for Clinton’s team and political organizers to ask:

  1. “What more must Hillary Clinton do to win trust?
  2. “What can the progressive, or the conservative, do to earn Hillary Clinton’s trust?”
  3. “Need Hillary Clinton mention Donald Trump at all in her next stump speech?”

After Philadelphia, and after the Cleveland convention featuring Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, it’s too late to insist that Hillary Clinton is not Presidential. Now it is appropriate to consider how the world may be transformed should the U.S. elect the first woman President.

Clinton’s opponent, Trump, must work hard to beat the re-introduced earnest Hillary Clinton.