Caregivers Get a RAISE Pending House Action

Have you ever been called upon to support someone facing a health crisis? Today’s changing economy, combined with technology, means potentially more free time to spend caring for those who need help in the wake of a health crisis.  Yet, caregiving takes a toll on the caregiver. I took one year off from pursuing school and work to care for a relative in a relatively remote area of the United States.

This experience raised my awareness about the importance of self-care when caring for others and also caused me to think differently regarding the importance of establishing a protocol for managing one’s own growth. In short, I learned how to provide care for someone while also taking note of my own needs. One of the greatest needs a caregiver has is staying physically, financially, and emotionally fit while maintaining a caretaker, or advocacy role. 

Soon, caregivers may receive support from the US Government. The Senate recently passed the RAISE Act: (Recognize, Include, Support, and Engage). Now, the bill must pass The House. Caregiving is a multi-billion-dollar service. Thanks to this legislation, caregivers may receive support to compensate for the personal risks taken to care for a family (or community) member. Caregiving is the future for many in the United States due to an aging population, but being a helper does not preclude sacrificing one’s physical, emotional, and financial welfare. 

Caregivers and healthcare advocates play an increasingly crucial role when it comes to helping someone survive a crisis.

What can you do to help? Call your congressional representatives today and ask them to support RAISE.