Michelle Obama Reaches Teens Via Online Campaign: #BetterMakeRoom 

First Lady Michelle Obama launched a new  social-media campaign spotlighting higher education this week, #BetterMakeRoom. This combination of Internet-magic and U.S. public policy appeals to teens ages 14-to-19. Check out the new Vibe posts announcing the campaign here and here

The proposition:

Teens wanting higher education exceed  expectations when they are treated like stars. 

The First Lady factor:

Teens have Michelle Obama as a powerful ally. The First Lady and her team know how to reach teens where they live, online. Every teen seeking post-secondary education feels part of a happy, welcoming community of learners and doers.

Is #BetterMakeRoom an attempt by the First Lady to onstitionalize higher education as a rite-of-passage for youth?


Teens succeed when they are recognized by their communities as competent, capable, and fun and #BetterMakeRoom reminds education professionals that all children deserve an opportunity to attain education beyond high school.