Writing Matters. Teaching Matters.

Writing is a lot like teaching. Writing is hard work. But sometimes, hard work takes time away from other things. So, to all of you writers out there, keep writing. And if you like to do other things besides writing, then by all means, do those things.

Right now, I am writing this blog post from The Beverly Center. It is lovely. The Beverly Center has all of my favorite brands, too. But there is something I enjoy more than window shopping. Writing and teaching are two of my favorite things to do. I love doing them more than I do shopping. But there must be something about doing something that you love that drives the people in your life crazy.

Many times I wonder, is writing like teaching, just another disposable skill?

What do you think it takes to write for a living and if you are a writer, how do others perceive you? Does what you do make a difference to you, or anyone else?