Hair Healing: Wig Stylist Alisa Castleberry


After surviving a formidable health crisis, a California woman shares her talents for wig styling. Please click the link to see the video.

In this post, I briefly discuss how I’ve spent the Summer.

My Summer research project is hair salon culture. A small business in Southern California emphasizes organic hair care. Some of the staff members have suffered health challenges such as cancer and obesity. Therefore, the salon, called the Healthy Hair Bar& Wigs, emphasizes good quality-of-life choices when it comes to styling hair. No harsh chemicals are used on hair at this salon. Clients and staff may use heat treatments to attain straight hair styles, but without the use of chemicals that change the natural curl pattern of the hair.


Action research through the creation and production of ethnographic video and audio recordings provide an opportunity to observe and record hair salon culture.

After obtaining the necessary permissions, I conducted oral interviews with clients and staff, and I made one video of a staff member. I also distributed surveys to clients and staff, and recorded oral interviews with clients and staff. I then coded data into SPSS software for analysis in order to write a research paper.

If you have an interest in my research on salon culture, please contact me, Gail Taylor.