Peace, Love: America

Divisive national discourse does nothing to solve the problem of why peace is not a major subject-area in American classrooms. What might be helpful: a blitz of movies, music, videos, and art that glorify and glamorize average people who value peace and peaceful solutions to life’s conflicts. What we need is a new way to sell peace. This can be done with an alternative culture industry, one with Hollywood’s money and hutzpah, to make peace seem cool, again.

We can amp up peace.

We witness the power of celebrities such as George Clooney raising our awareness about Rawandan genocide, and we follow supermodel Christy Turlington’s Twitter feed to learn about the health needs of pregnant women. We admire Angelina Jolie’s work with the United Nations. These are examples of grand, and just, global humanitarian causes. Is it too much to ask that stars turn their gaze to the problem of gun violence in America?

Kudos to Snoop Dogg, M.C. Hammer, and Joe Montana.

When celebrities speak out against gun violence can a Hollywood-inspired grassroots movement be far behind?