Globalization i…

Globalization is not merely a geographic phenomenon which is tearing down national barriers to capital. Globalization is also tearing down ethical and ecological limits on commerce. As everything becomes tradable, everything is for sale….Life has lost its sanctity. (113) — Vandana Shiva

The above quotation by ecology-activist Vandana Shiva may be found in the chapter, “Globalization: the power of capitalism,” in The Myth of Individualism: How Social Forces Shape our Lives, by Peter Callero (2009).

Vandana Shiva confronts us with the negative realities of labor in a market absent of boundaries. Most interesting is the question of ethics and trade. Cultural studies scholars with an interest in world economies and human rights might consider adding ethics to the discussion of trade and consumerism.

We may consider ethics and work conditions and ask questions about the quality of life and the kind of opportunities available to workers.


What are your thoughts about globalization, ethics, commerce, and life?