Time to for Professors to Learn about Students’ Needs

The recent SCOTUS decision burdens elite universities to provide quality advising to all students. It is likely that as state institutions face pressure to do away with Affirmative Action, private, elite institutions of higher learning may see an increase in enrollment from students from diverse backgrounds who may seek alternative educational opportunities in institutions that may or may not consider race as a determining entrance qualification. More diversity within elite institutions means professors, staff, administrators, and students must adapt to difference. Not all students will benefit from the same career and educational advice common to once-seemingly homogenous elite institutions. It is up to educators at elite institutions to learn about how the pursuit of an advanced education impacts students’ lives.

Many students are without faculty who understand the pervasive inequality that exists in America. Many faculty do not seem to understand the socio-economic constraints under which the majority of minorities live. The good news is, some of these faculty are brilliant at what they do. In fact, if they wanted to, they could do cutting-edge research on this problem of providing good advising to economically disenfranchised graduate and undergraduate students.

Empathy builds bridges that can lead to student success.

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