Hanging Drapes: Method and Metaphor

Mundane activities yield insight into what it takes to overcome challenges. On a side note, I am proud of these photographs as they appropriately set the mood.

Tutoring Now

A simple task like hanging drapes proves not so laborious when one considers it a metaphor for accomplishing any task. “There are life lessons in the most mundane tasks,” my Dad said to me this morning after teaching me how to properly hang drapes. Properly hung drapes are a testimony to the importance of precision. You have to use your measuring tool to figure out the proper length of the fabric. You use a pencil and a straight-edge to draw a clean line and lines help guide you as you shorten a piece of fabric. An extra guideline helps you later when you are about to fold the cloth over a strip of fabric tape. No need to purchase a sewing machine for this job when Singer’s Iron-On Fusing Web will do. Time is precious and the “no-sew” method works well for this DIY (Do-It-Yourself) task.

And just as cutting…

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