The Future of Cultural Studies

The beginning of the new year brings with it a time for reflection. Now, we look back before journeying forward. As a Cultural Studies graduate student, I have begun thinking about the future of my department. This entry is a call to the future.

Cultural Studies, for me, highlights the rebellious power of the margins. Women’s studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, disability studies, media studies, and performance studies are only a few areas that fall under the purview of Cultural Studies. Perhaps this is one of the central appeals and strengths of Cultural Studies: it destabilizes the notion that the center holds all the weight, that the center is the only source of power.

The department has given me the ability to identify my academic home. When that home did not exist, Cultural Studies allowed me to carve.

This is what I hope Cultural Studies continues to be in the future: a politically conscious space that seeks to revise grand narratives. Though we find ourselves in the 21st century, racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, and ableist beliefs are still woven into our hegemonic structure. My hope is that Cultural Studies’ theoretical lenses will continue to challenge these beliefs. Within this context, the future of Cultural Studies will be one of intervention.