Obama’s Proposal: Free College Tuition for Willing Workers

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Should President Obama create a college/university rating system? In the past, he has stated that his administration is developing such a plan. This plan to rate colleges and universities could coincide with his executive order to make two years of community college freefor those willing to work for it“.

I think such a proposal seems like a good idea. Many who want to attend college, find it financially challenging. Yet, traditionally, it is thought that by attaining a college degree, one can also increase one’s chances of earning more over one’s life-time.

What remains to be seen is how easily colleges and universities can adapt to such a progressive proposal as two cost-free years of community college.

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Rating Colleges and Universities

#InternetFreedom Matters

The Internet village makes it possible for the masses to access vast amounts of knowledge. How does having access to the Internet impact what you think about the role institutions play in our lives? Here is a popular link to Gator Crossing’s infographic on the “Day in the Life of the Internet”.
A day in the life of the Internet
A Day in The Life of The Internet via HostGator

Writing Matters. Teaching Matters.

Writing is a lot like teaching. Writing is hard work. But sometimes, hard work takes time away from other things. So, to all of you writers out there, keep writing. And if you like to do other things besides writing, then by all means, do those things.

Right now, I am writing this blog post from The Beverly Center. It is lovely. The Beverly Center has all of my favorite brands, too. But there is something I enjoy more than window shopping. Writing and teaching are two of my favorite things to do. I love doing them more than I do shopping. But there must be something about doing something that you love that drives the people in your life crazy.

Many times I wonder, is writing like teaching, just another disposable skill?

What do you think it takes to write for a living and if you are a writer, how do others perceive you? Does what you do make a difference to you, or anyone else?









Open Letter to Sarai on the Publication of Seoul Food: Short Stories of a Korean American Living in Los Angeles

Hello, Sarai ~

Here are my initial comments on the book:

Passion. Heart. Insight. These are my three immediate reactions to Seoul Food. Congratulations. I would love for my students to read this book.

General Thoughts

As I read Seoul Food, I marvel at the wonderful dialogue and insights, not only as they pertain to Korean-American culture, but as they pertain to the modern condition, as well. Some of my favorite descriptions are the inter-generational descriptions. I think young people will relate to struggles with the preceding generations that you have carefully detailed.

You address the topic of the LA riots and on page 36, you mention the importance of “healing” and I found that comment insightful. You write, “We were one of the many owners who lost a part of the “American dream” in those six days. There was sadness in the atmosphere — and it wasn’t just the riots. Many people were in pain, including our family,” (p. 36). I can imagine that future discussions on topics ranging from community-building, to what it takes to start and maintain your own business in the face of social upheaval will occur after readers deeply consider the impact of the LA riots — something that you discuss in this book.

Another topic that is relevant for social scientists and historians is bussing. You discuss bussing from the perspective of living on the Westside (p. 42).

Finally, the descriptions of the Korean foods and meals, throughout this book constantly made me hungry!